Chunchun Project

Japanese high quality WASHI masking tape with fancy Tibetan illustrations

Chunchun means "small" in Tibetan.


The "Chunchun" project designs and sells original Japanese products with “kawaii” illustrations of Tibetan life and nature. The project may be small but our love for Tibet is big! It is our hope that people will gain more interest in Tibet through my project. 

Tibetan Life and Nature 


- Designed by Kuranishi (Japanese illustrator)

- 10 metres per roll (20 mm width) The pattern is repeated every 20 cm. (Packaged individually) 

- Made in Japan

- Produced by Chunchun Project

* Masking tape is a weak adhesive tape that can be repeatedly stuck and peeled off.


Explanation of design


You will see many Tibetan designs on the pattern, including traditional Tibetan dress, architecture, animals, etc. The “story” illustrated on the tape is a snowlion and snow mountains - the source of most of the water in Asia is in Tibet. This water flows down the mountains and saturates the earth in the areas below, giving way to beautiful meadows. There you will find many animals, and people living with nature. We hope you will enjoy the detailed handwritten illustrations and beautiful colours by Kuranishi.


Uses for the masking tape


Seal an envelope, use as a sticker on your notebook, use to wrap presents.

Turn anything into Tibetan goods with this tape!

It also makes the perfect gift or souvenir. The possibilities are endless!


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Unfortunately international orders are not available at the moment. 


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